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Filling Machines for Corrosive Liquid Packaging

When you’re looking for the best liquid packaging machinery for corrosive liquids, it can be difficult to know if the ones you’re considering are made to stand up to the abuse that these harsh liquids deliver. At E-PAK Machinery, we offer several pieces of equipment that is specifically designed to be compatible with these liquids. We’ve got everything you need to build an efficient and reliable packaging line, from conveyors to capping machines and everything in between.

Features of Corrosive-Compatible Machines

Liquid filling machines that are meant for corrosives are made with HDPE frame construction as well as HDPE reservoirs. They also feature fill valves that are made from Kynar or Teflon, fittings that are made of polypropylene, and tubing that is made of braided PVC. These materials are designed to stand up to the harshness of corrosive liquids. As for corrosive resistant turntables and conveyors, they are also constructed from HDPE and PVC. These machines must be able to withstand being exposed to acids and other corrosives on a regular basis, and these materials are meant to do just that.

High Quality Machinery from E-PAK

We’re proud to offer all the machinery you need to build efficient packaging lines, such as:

  • Bottle cleaners, which remove all contaminants from containers prior to filling.
  • Liquid filling machines, which ensure consistent fill level and no waste.
  • Capping machines to securely seal each container.
  • Molten product fillers, made for products that are solid at room temperature and must be melted in order to be filled into containers.
  • Conveyors and cooling conveyors, to bring each container from one station to the next.
  • Cap elevators and cap sorters which orient the containers’ lids prior to being used with the capping machine for optimal efficiency.
  • Labelers, for affixing labels to your product’s containers.

For more information about any of the equipment we sell, contact us anytime.