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Why Purchasing In-House Packaging Machinery Is Better


While many companies may not think twice about purchasing packaging machinery from a company that’s reselling it, the fact is that there are multiple benefits that you get from buying machinery from the same company that manufacturers it. There are several advantages that you’ll see if with in-house packaging machinery that you won’t get with a third-party company.

All Spare Parts Are Available from the Same Company That Manufactures the Equipment

Inevitably, packaging machinery will experience wear after long periods of use. If you purchased your machinery from the manufacturers, they’re likely to have all of the spare parts specifically designed for your equipment, which means you won’t waste time or money on inappropriate or low-quality replacement components or equipment. You’ll also be able to get same-day shipment for these parts, reducing the risk of long periods of downtime before you can sufficiently repair your machinery.

Unfortunately, companies working with third party resellers may not have immediate access to the right parts for their machinery, which could result in less efficiency and poorer performance throughout the entire production line. You’re better off working with a reputable company that has all of the resources required to help you maintain your equipment in the long-term.

Employees Are Experts in Packaging Machinery

Another benefit of working with the manufacturers and purchasing equipment directly from them is that you’ll work with employees who have a complete understanding of each piece of equipment. All of the employees in manufacturing companies often have many years of experience in the industry, with expertise in engineering, machining, programming, and other skill sets needed to ensure each piece of equipment is ready for implementation in your packaging systems.

A trusted manufacturer will be able to provide you with the most dependable services and equipment, with knowledgeable employees in a variety of departments. Here at E-PAK, for instance, we have a full electrical engineering department, mechanical engineering department, fabrication department, and machine shops, all ensuring our equipment—with the exception of a few trusted third-party partners—is produced in-house by people who know it inside and out.

Don’t Rely on Resellers for Your Packaging Equipment

If you want to integrate the best packaging machinery across your entire production line, you’re ultimately better off purchasing equipment from and working with the same company that manufactures the equipment in-house. This will give you access to experts who have a deep understanding of all of your equipment needs and can deliver top-tier service in addition to top-quality products.

Packaging machinery manufacturers such as E-PAK Machinery have all of the resources required to give you everything you need when you work with us.