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What Types of Tubing Does Liquid Packaging Equipment Require?

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In addition to many other important parts, liquid filling machines require several types of tubing to function properly. The three main types of liquid filling equipment tubing include air, lubrication and product tubing. Depending on the application and the filling system implemented in a liquid filling system, the type of tubing needed will vary.

With the right tubing and tubing parts installed in your liquid packaging line, your packaging system will benefit from efficient operation. Here are some details about the specific uses for each type of tubing as well as the types of parts they require for installation in liquid packaging machinery.

Air Tubing for Liquid Filling Equipment

Air tubing is used in many liquid packaging machines, specifically equipment that has pneumatic cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders require air tubing to function, and may require nylon or poly air tubing to meet material needs. Both poly and nylon air tubing materials are durable and less likely to experience tearing that could result in air leakage.

Lubrication Tubing for Capping Machines

Capping machines also require tubing, specifically lubrication tubing. These tubes are designed to withstand high pressure while applying lubrication to capping equipment in the packaging process.

Product Tubing for Liquid Fillers

Liquid filling machines rely on product tubing to fill certain products. Convoluted kink resistant Teflon tubing is used for corrosives and acids, as well as molten liquids, while Tygon chemical resistant tubing is lined with fluorinated ethylene propylene to resist various chemicals in food, beverage, water, air, ethylene glycol and hydraulic fluid filling applications. FDA-approved product tubing is necessary for liquid food and beverage filling , and is designed for cleaning through gas sterilization.

Tubing Parts

There are many different components that tubing requires, which packaging operators should clean and maintain in order to keep tubing working efficiently. Tubing systems require different types of tubing fittings, hose clamps, springs and inserts. All of these parts help ensure that air, lubrication and product tubing function at optimal efficiency. In order to prevent possible tubing problems, operators should regularly check tubing and tubing components to determine if they require cleaning or replacement.

Preventative maintenance checks will help maintain an overall efficient liquid packaging system, and operators should understand which parts their tubing requires in order to function. If you are unsure about which parts your tubing or other packaging line components require, you can contact E-PAK Machinery to consult liquid packaging experts. We can also provide additional information about tubing and provide replacement parts.