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What is a Bottle Grabber?

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Bottle Grabbers from E-PAK Machinery

In the realm of liquid filling lines, one of the first machines in the process is a bottle grabber. Bottle grabbers are an integral part of any packaging line, as they get the entire process started—without a bottle grabber, you’d have to worry about the bottles getting jostled around during the filling process. Bottle grabbers simplify the job, doing this step for you. If you use any sort of automatic machine to fill your liquids into containers, chances are you’ve already dealt with and used bottle grabbers before. They are available in different sizes to be compatible with the bottles you’re using, so you’ll be able to ensure the most accurate filling.

What Do Bottle Grabbers Do?

Bottle grabbers are used on liquid filling machines , so that they can hold onto the bottles securely to prevent spillage or the bottle moving or getting knocked over while being filled. These bottle grabbers are designed to fit the bottle you’re filling, and in order to be effective, you’ll need a bottle grabber for each fill head on the machine so that each bottle can be held securely in place. Bottle grabbers generally work by using “grabber fingers” to ensure proper bottle alignment underneath a fill nozzle. There, they can be properly filled without the product from the nozzle spilling or missing the opening entirely. Once the bottle is securely positioned, you can start the actual filling process without worrying about wasted product. 

What Other Machines Will You Need for Your Packaging Line?

Bottle grabbers aren’t an entire machine—just an essential piece of each filling machine’s hardware. That, of course, means that you’ll still need the actual machinery . There are a few different types of liquid filling machines that you can choose from. There are gravity fillers, which are great for high-viscosity liquids, because they work by letting gravity naturally help the liquids into their containers. If you work with molten products, you can choose from a molten liquid filling machine, or a portable molten liquid filling machine—both are great options, but the portable option allows you a touch more versatility as it can be moved around to wherever you have the space for it. There are also:

Net weigh fillers

Overflow fillers

Piston fillers

Pressure fillers

Pump fillers

Aside from the filling machines, your packaging line should have conveyers, capping machines, and labeling machines. The combination of all of this equipment will make the process of filling much faster and more efficient.

Using automatic machinery can help you produce more of your goods, which can have the potential to increase your profits.