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What Health and Beauty Products Require the Use of Liquid Filling Machines?

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Many health and beauty products require the use of liquid filling machines among other packaging equipment during manufacturing. These liquid products vary in viscosity and acidity, requiring different methods of packaging using compatible bottling materials. Liquid filling, capping and labeling machines all play a part in the efficient packaging of various health and beauty products.

Liquid products require different methods for dispersement.

Liquid Filling Machines for Acidic and High-Viscosity Products

A large amount of health and beauty products come in the form of liquid. With varying levels of acidity and viscosity, the packaging process needs to take each product's specific packaging requirements into account, using the right materials in bottling. Some of the common health and beauty products that utilize liquid filling machines include:

  • Lotions
  • Nail polish
  • Liquid foundation
  • Hand soap
  • Perfumes
  • Conditioner
  • Mascara
  • Acne treatments
  • Anti-aging creams

Each of these products requires a specific liquid filling system, avoiding corrosion or clogging because of these and other health and beauty products. Depending on the acidity and viscosity of each product, different machines will be responsible for packaging these fluids in their respective bottles. Gravity fillers and pressure gravity fillers can bottle nearly any liquid that is water-thin to medium consistency, including perfumes and sprays. Pump fillers are also used for products that are low-to-high viscosity, and overflow fillers are ideal for other low-to-medium viscosity fluids.

More acidic liquids require the use of machinery that can avoid corrosion, using high-density polyethylene frame construction, braided PVC tubing, and other hardware that is acid proof.

Capping and Labeling for Products

Once liquid filling machines package each health and beauty product, capping and labeling are the next steps in the packaging process. There are several types of capping and labeling machines that can meet the package specifications of many different products. Products in smaller containers will require different machinery than products in larger bottles, with varying cap types and label sizes, which means that specially designed liquid packaging systems will need to have the right machinery for each step of the process.

Some products that are packaged in hazardous locations also require the use of specific labeling machines. Clutch brake labelers are designed to apply pressure-sensitive product labels to round bottles and flat-sided containers, and are installable as part of a conveyor or as standalone units.

The health and beauty industry requires the use of specially designed liquid filling machines, and there are plenty of variations to ensure that each product is bottled, capped and labeled correctly. Contact E-PAK today to learn more about how liquid filling machines can benefit the health and beauty industry.