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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Liquid Filling Equipment


If you’re trying to find the perfect liquid filling machine, there are several aspects to consider when making your decision. Here are five specific items to consider prior to making your purchase, including viscosity, container types, fill rates, fill volumes, and types of filling and metering systems.


The first step to take when finding the right liquid filling machine for your production line is to understand the fundamental requirements of your product, including its viscosity.

Products can be water-thin, semi-viscous, or thick with a high viscosity level. This will help you determine which type of filler you’ll want to include in your production line, as viscosity dictates what type of metering system you need, along with fill rate and other aspects of the filling process.

Type of Container

The type of container you want to fill is another crucial determining factor when it comes to selecting your filling machinery. Containers can be made of different materials such as plastic and glass, and can come in different shapes and sizes, such as round or square, tall or short. All of these elements will further help you find the right filling machine for your application.

Fill Rate

Another factor in the type of equipment you select will be the rate at which you can fill containers. This will determine whether you use a manual handheld filler, semi-automatic machine, or a completely automated system of equipment in your production line. Factors such as viscosity, fill volumes, container types, and metering systems will help determine the fill rate.

Fill Volume

The fill volume is also important when determining the fill rate, metering system, and viscosity of your product. Depending on the specific application, you may have different accuracy requirements that you need to follow to maintain compliance with industry standards. This makes figuring out fill volume and requirements vital in the selection of your filling equipment.

Filling and Metering Systems

There’s a wide variety of metering and filling systems available. Metering systems include piston, flow, and peristaltic systems, and will depend on the other variables such as fill rate, container type, and viscosity, along with changeover times between different formulas.

Taking all of these into consideration, you can find the right types of liquid filling machinery for your production lines while maximizing efficiency and profitability. There are several types of machines to choose from depending on your needs, including semi-automatic and single-handed table top machines and automated and fully integrated systems.

Regardless of what you’re searching for, there’s a filler that’s applicable for your product and industry. Here at E-PAK Machinery, we have a wide variety of liquid filling machines to choose from based on your specific requirements. Contact us at any time if you need help finding the right equipment, and one of our experts will be able to assist you in your selection. We’ll make sure you find the right equipment for any application.