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Personal Care Packaging Trends


Personal care packaging depends largely on consumer demand, as consumers have become more particular regarding product packaging and materials. There are several trends in the personal care industry that have made their way into this industry, including ease of application, sustainability, e-commerce, and wide-ranging packaging sizes.

Here we’ll review these trends and their implications for the future of personal care product packaging.

New Trends in Packaging Materials for Ease of Application & Sustainability

In the case of premium personal care products, flexible packaging and stand-up pouches have become more popular. This is because these types of packaging are more user-friendly and tend to require less packaging material, which helps further reduce costs.

Metal packaging is expected to continue experiencing a decrease in use by as much as 8% within the next five years as a result of its difficulty when it comes to handling. On the other hand, aerosol cans are predicted to grow by 2% in the same period, as they are often used for products such as fragrances, deodorants, and skin care products. While aerosols’ ease of use makes them ideal for the application of a variety of products, their metal and plastic construction makes them considerably less environmentally friendly than alternative options.

Changes in Packaging Sizes

Packaging sizes are also changing, largely as a result of consumer requirements for single-use products and customization, TSA regulations, and retail channels. Shelf-space is another big contributing factor in the change of packaging sizes among large retailers. To help save money and maximize shelf space, many companies want to increase the size of their product portfolio rather than the size of the products themselves.

Ultimately, experts expect the trend of small and right-size packaging to dominate the personal care industry, particularly when it comes to skin care and women’s cosmetics, though not as much in the case of men’s grooming products. The reason for this is that men tend to shop less frequently while seeking larger products.

E-Commerce and Personal Care Packaging

E-commerce is becoming more and more pertinent for shoppers across a wide range of industries, and personal care products are no exception. Personal care packaging is also adapting to a growing e-commerce market to accommodate for easier handling and shipping, which further increases the demand for smaller, more compact packaging.

Adapting to Change in the Personal Care Market

In addition to many other industries, personal care is embracing the need for change when it comes to packaging. More consumers are looking for top-quality packaging that’s a combination of compact, sustainable, and easy to use, which is causing manufacturers to rethink the way they package their products. We’re likely to see these changes continue for many years in this market, which makes it necessary to keep up with them if personal care companies want to remain relevant and favorable among consumers.