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Is Your Filling Equipment Vendor Reliable?

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When you're looking for filling equipment, bottling machines and parts for your production line, it can be hard to tell whether or not a vendor is reliable. Do they stand by their products? Do they manufacture, or just distribute? What sort of support do they offer? These are just a few of the questions that you should be asking before you make the significant commitment of purchasing new equipment.

Know Your Manufacturer

You should always understand where your filling equipment is coming from—not just who sells it to you, but who manufactures it, as well. If you work with a dealer that doesn't manufacture its own equipment, this may create limitations for you.

For example, if you have questions about troubleshooting or repairs, do you know who to contact? Does your dealer provide installation services or ongoing support? What are the benefits of ordering from a dealer as opposed to the manufacturer? These are all things to consider when you choose a vendor for your bottling machines and other parts and equipment.

Technical Support

When you're choosing filling equipment, the services you can expect from the manufacturer are just as important as the equipment itself. For example, you may require technical support, troubleshooting help or installation services, even for a high quality machine. Does your equipment's manufacturer provide those services? Does it offer remote technical support during the hours your production line is operational? If not, you may be left paying independent specialists for technical support later on.

Replacement and Spare Parts

Even quality filling equipment can eventually require part replacements. When that happens, will the parts you need be available, or discontinued?

A manufacturer that stands by its products and offers filling system services will continue producing the parts that are necessary to make their equipment work. When you purchase from an unreliable vendor, you may be left with equipment that has parts that can no longer be replaced.

For these and other reasons, working with a name you can trust is critical when you're choosing and ordering filling equipment.