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Environmentally Friendly Equipment from E-PAK Machinery

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Liquid filling machines from E-PAK Machinery

If you’re in a business that uses packaging machinery to process products, you know that there are some materials that are better to use than others, particularly when considering whether the machines are good for the environment. Some machines may be better suited to work with certain bottles or containers , and may need additional parts to work with new containers. This is fine if you plan to never alter the containers you’re using, but many companies change the way they package their products over time. At E-PAK Machinery, we’re proud to offer highly adaptable machinery that is great for the environment.

Machinery that Adapts to Your Needs

At E-PAK Machinery, our equipment is designed to be adaptable to your needs both at the present and in the future. They can accommodate for very small amounts of liquid—a quarter of an ounce, for instance—to much larger amounts, up to five gallons. This not only means the machine will be able to handle different sizes of packaging for the same product, but it also means that you won’t have to purchase multiple machines to package different container sizes for different products. In other words, these machines can accommodate any product you need to package, without needing to be fitted with specialty parts. Using machinery that can change and accommodate a growing or changing business without having to be altered at all is good for the environment, particularly in the sense that machinery need not take up space in landfills when disposed of, and emissions from actually manufacturing the machines can be minimized when one machine does more than one job.

Choosing Renewable Materials for Your Packaging

If you’re considering using eco-friendly packaging materials, there are some types you should look for. Plastics are typically not the ideal choice for bio-friendly containers, but there are different types of plastics to choose from—for instance, recycled plastics and ones that are more biodegradable are clear choices for optimal environmental friendliness. If you are using plastic containers, ensure that they are BPA-free. Glass can also be a good choice, but make sure that the container can be recycled once the product has been used. Every year, approximately 45,000 tons of plastic waste ends up in the world’s oceans, so working towards offering recyclable products can help reduce the environmental impact of plastics. Make sure you research the different materials available in the container size you need before settling on a choice. You could be doing the Earth a big favor!

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