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Different Components Needed for a Molten Product Filling Line

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Special procedures need to be followed when you're working with molten materials; this also calls for equipment that's specifically designed for molten product filling. Whether you're working with anything from deodorants and lip balms to petroleum jelly or candles, there are a number of special components that you'll need for product manufacturing and packaging.

Fortunately, here at E-PAK, we've got you covered. Specifically, we carry a wide range of molten product filling components, including cooling conveyors, molten fillers, re-melt stations, and more.


Molten Fillers

When it comes to the actual process of pouring your molten product, you need a quality molten filler to get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively. Here at E-PAK, we're proud to offer both a stationary molten filler and a portable option. The latter option can hold up to 40 gallons of pre-melted neutral wax and ensures accurate, consistent fills with its variable speed digital pump controls. This specific model is designed primarily for filling candles, though it can also be used for other products, such as glycerin soaps, lip balms and more.

Our stationary molten filler can handle an even larger capacity as well as different container shapes and sizes. Still, it's surprisingly compact.


Cooling Conveyors

After your molten product is filled, one of the key components to a quality product is allowing it to come to room temperature gradually and smoothly. A cooling conveyor is exactly what your production line needs to transport containers slowly from their filling stations to their next destination in a matter that promotes gradual temperature change.

Specifically, our cooling conveyors come in a variety of belt lengths and widths to meet your line's specific needs. We also offer some additional and optional features on our cooling conveyors, such as:

  • Cooling fans
  • Brackets
  • Belts for different containers/products

Pre-Heat and Re-Melt Stations

It's not enough to have a quality molten filler for your products; for maximum quality and a beautiful appearance, you should also have pre-heat and re-melt stations on your line that can be utilized both before and after the filling process.

Specifically, the pre-heat station offered by E-PAK is great for heating your containers prior to filling them; this helps to give them a more consistent appearance after the fill. The re-melt station is used at the end of the cooling process to help achieve and smooth and flawless appearance that'll your customers will appreciate.

When working with molten products, having the right tools and components for the job is a must. At E-PAK, we've got everything you need to create great products that maximize efficiency on your production line; want to learn more about our molten filling components? Contact us today and we'd be happy to help you get started.