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Can Liquid Filling Machines Be Used with Petroleum Products?

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Molten Liquid Filling Machines from E-PAK Machinery

If you’ve been using liquid filling machines, you know that they can handle a lot of different products. One question many people ask is whether they can be used with petroleum products. Petroleum products need to be filled into bottles and other containers the same as many other products, and thankfully, there are machines that are up to the task. Some of those machines are molten liquid filling machines .

Molten Liquid Filling Machines

Molten liquid filling machines allow for filling a wide range of products that are packaged into a number of different sizes and shapes of containers. For instance, these machines can fill products that, when finished packaging, are solid, but that need to be liquid in order to be used in the machine. Products like candles, deodorant, lip balm, shoe polish, glycerin soaps and more are all used with molten filling machines. E-PAK is also proud to offer a portable molten filling machine for even more convenience within your packaging line. Molten liquid filling machines not only operate efficiently, but require minimal floor space, making them an ideal addition to your line if you package molten liquids.

Other Inline Packaging Machinery

Of course, the actual liquid filling machines are not the only machines that can be used for and with petroleum and molten products. For example, candles need wicks in order to work (provided they are not meant for candle-warmer accessories), so wick inserters are another part of the necessary process. Cooling conveyers are also an essential part of the liquid filling machine, because they take the container through the filling process, and cool the product while taking it from machine to machine, making the packaging process quicker since the product cools down faster rather than staying molten. Finally, capping machines are of course needed, to seal the product and prepare it for shipping and selling.

Liquid filling machines are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used across a variety of industries. Petroleum products are common in the automotive industry, with things like oil, greases and other necessary materials. Likewise, health and beauty, as well as home products like candles and soaps are made with petroleum bases sometimes, and they can be used in these machines. Despite the petroleum base, these machines can handle the wear and tear and are able to be efficiently cleaned in between product filling sessions. If you have any questions about the machines you should be using for your petroleum products, contact E-PAK today.