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Bottling Machine Types


There are many different types of bottling machines that are used for a variety of products, whether consumable or non-consumable. Depending on the type of product you need bottling equipment for, there are certain types of machines to consider for your packaging line. Here are some of the core types of machinery to install in your facility.

Bottle Cleaning Machines

Prior to filling bottles of any type, bottles need to be cleaned to remove all contaminants and other particulate. Bottle cleaning machinery can help make sure that all bottles are free of dust and other materials that can either simply ruin a product or make it unsafe for consumption.

Packaging lines often make use of air rinsers to quickly and effectively clean bottles before the filling process begins, as they are designed to work with many different bottle shapes and sizes.

Liquid Fillers & Conveyors

Following the cleaning process, bottling lines can begin the filling process. Packaging line operators can install and control a majority of liquid fillers with ease to maximize and maintain efficiency, while automated conveyor systems can help move bottles down the line from each filling station to the next.

There are several types of fillers that are used for bottles with different filling requirements. Gravity and pressure/gravity fillers are the most commonly used machines for bottling a wide variety of liquids of water-thin to medium viscosity. Gravity fillers are typically used for thin or foamy liquids while pressure/gravity fillers are intended for more viscous liquids.

Capping Machines

Once bottles are filled, capping is the next step. Bottles need watertight and airtight caps to prevent product leakage and contamination, which efficient capping machines can provide. A good capping machine will be able to apply tight, sealed caps to bottles of all heights and widths. Operators can adjust capping equipment based on the size of the bottles, which helps ensure that they are consistent in their accuracy.

Labeling Machines

The last piece of equipment in a bottling line will be the labeler. Bottle labelers apply either paper or clear plastic labels to bottles of different heights, widths, and shapes. Label applications are pressure-sensitive to help prevent damage to bottles while sufficiently applying labels that won’t peel off easily.

Using a bottle filling system will help maintain efficiency and prevent breakdowns that result in costly periods of downtime. It’s also important to perform maintenance and clean individual parts to keep all machinery functioning optimally. With the right machinery installed in your line and the proper maintenance measures, you can maintain an efficient and profitable production line in your facility.

If you would like to learn more about the various types of bottling machines you can get for your facility, along with maintenance services and more, contact E-PAK Machinery today. We can help make sure you get what you need to get the most from your bottling operations.