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Liquid Packaging Machines for Packing and Bottling

At E-PAK Machinery, we offer a number of different liquid packaging machines for your liquid filling line. If you are interested in expanding your current packaging process line, you need to replace aging equipment, or you’re starting from scratch, learning about the different liquid packaging machines is a good place to start. 

Gravity and Pressure Fillers

Gravity fillers and pressure/gravity fillers are suitable for bottling nearly any type of liquid, no matter how thin or thick the liquid is. Gravity fillers are better suited for thin and foamy products, while pressure/gravity fillers are better for thicker, more viscous products.

Net Weigh Fillers

Net weigh fillers are ideal for expensive or valuable products, as they ensure that an exact amount of product goes into each container, no more. They also ensure that the filling process ceases at that exact weight, and that no product overflows or spills. They can fill very small or very large containers.

Molten and Portable Molten Fillers

These are machines used for molten products—things like lip balms, candles and shoe polish—that are solid at room temperature and need to be melted to be in liquid form for filling. Portable fillers are ideal for smaller floor space requirements, and these machines may often be paired with cooling conveyors to aide in the cooling of the molten liquid once it is in the containers.

Pump Fillers

Pump fillers are offered with a variety of pumps, including progressive cavity pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, rotor pumps and more. Which one you use will depend on your application requirements.

Corrosive Fillers

Corrosive fillers are designed to be able to work with corrosive materials, and can handle the punishment of those products well. They can fill from a fraction of an ounce up to give gallons, as well as a range of viscosities.

Other Fillers

Other fillers from E-PAK Include: Piston fillers, hazardous location/explosion-proof fillers, and tabletop fillers. 

If you’re unsure of which machine is best for your needs, contact us today—we’re happy to help you figure out which liquid filler will be best for your packaging line.

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